Holiday Cottage Snowdonia - Tanygrisiau - North Wales
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Local Scenery

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Panoramic views of Snowdonia from the knoll or hillock at the front of the terrace.


Looking North from the knoll



Looking West from the knoll Looking West from the knoll


looking south

Watch an 82 second video clip of a 360 deg panoramic view

Watch a 15 second video clip of a nearby gentle stream after heavy rains



Streams and waterfalls are just a few minutes walk from the cottage.

A stream Waterfall near Tanygrisiau Station

The hydro-electric power station is a tourist attraction with its two reservoirs. A gated road leads up to the base of the upper dam.

LookingSouthwestFromTheKnoll. Llyn Stwlan

You will find disused slate workings as you walk around the Moelwyns. The steam train from Tanygrisiau Station to Porthmadog 13 miles away passes by the Italianite village of Portmeirion.

The incline

If you feel adventurous you can clamber up the incline shown in the picture above and continue all the way through the short tunnel (rare external incline cut through rock) to the other side of the mountain.

If you are not so "inclined" to climb, but interested to see what is through the tunnel leading to Wrysgan Slate Quarry, click here.


Link to Geograph (Pictures taken around Tanygrisiau)



click on picture to view high resolution image


Download the pdf postcard for a souvenir of your visit to the cottage. This can be printed on a 6 x 4 postcard. Use the HTML version to email your friends and colleagues and let them know what a great time you have had at the holiday cottage, Snowdonia, North Wales. The Word version can be completed in Word and sent as an E-mail attachment or printed on a  6 x 4 postcard to send by mail.

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